Match rules

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Match rules

Post by brainzzz » Fri Sep 29, 2006 6:45 pm

1. Teams must type /teamname then their teamname. E.g. /teamname ABC. Teamname is case sensitive, so ABC and abc are two different teams. Players in wrong team will not be scored. You can retype /teamname until you get it right.

2. All members of the team must join ASAP, subs too

3. Match will start when the correct numbers of players are on the track.

4. Subs MUST be in spectator mode. Captains must make sure that any of their team in spectator mode do not use in-car view to watch players. Please explain how to go to free view(birds-eye view).

5. Any player spectating a driver will be kicked after 1 warning. Not knowing how to go to birds-eye view is not an excuse. (In-car spectating view is annoying for the driver, and can sometimes lag him at critical moments)

6. Team Captains/scorers must write down all team scores at the end of each track and add up total track scores as they go along. A detailed readout of times, map name, placing will be given to team Captains at the end of the match anyway.

7. You NEVER abuse the other team. Any abuse is followed by a kick/ban. Though you may abuse your own team as much as you like.

8. Substitutions may be made at the start of any track, but you must make sure the substituted player is removed from play to spectator mode.

9. If a team  puts in too many player times on a track, then there will be a penalty of -10 points per violation.

10. Drivers must read chat screen at end and start of every race, in-case of team orders or admin orders.

11. Scoring:

Place    Points
1st        10
2nd         8
3rd         6
4th         5
5th         4
6th         3
7th         2
8th         1

These are only rough rules.