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If you want to join us, post it in here. (strange ppl want to join us)
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******* -----> READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING <----- ******

Post by scarab3905 » Sat Sep 30, 2006 10:39 pm

We expect our members to act like adults. We're no kiddieclan, our members populate a large range of ages. Kids (under 18) may be accepted, yet will be kicked without warning or explanation if misbehaving in the eyes of the admin.

Leave a message here in English if you want to join ĐΞ.

Make sure you include a short profile so we know what kind a person we're dealing with, including e.g. your age, where you're from, which games you play and for how long, what you like about ĐΞ, etc.

It is mandatory to use our comms.