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    oh yeah btw....

    i think it is realy lame to blame some one about the past.
    that is was banned at ogame is cous i gave my acc away...

    that i'm in the hax clan was bcous i was young bored and to much time
    and i diddent only cheat on WOLFENSTEIN i did more fairplay in (enter the hyves server)
    it was only cous i wanted to try once so i joint a clan to get the bot...

    here you got my saying.. done. ohh... and btw
    (once a hacker, issent always a hacker...)
    u can check my entire pc for hack's you shal not find anny hack





    i'm notyboy4,

    first things first
    1) i'm 18
    2) i'm from the nederlands
    3) i'm from limburg
    4) i'm a man

    so a litle introduction,

    as you know already i'm notyboy4,
    i'm not such a lucker in life,
    i had 2 years ago a exident so. i can move mi left arm aney more
    that took alot games away for me,
    mostley i play befor my exident was a shoter (cod, wolfenstein,) or racing (nfs, drift city, prject torque)

    whi i want to join

    i was driving in a dutch server and a managed a few DE ppl
    i was already searching for a clan, u know (more ppl, more funn.)
    i like to play games for fun
    and i think this fits me,
    i hope i can join.

    greetzz, notyboy4
    p.s. i'm gona play again =P~