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    Well i think i have to say what i think to that
    I played for houres with DFR Splin on ur lol server and i wanted to restart a track
    so i made a vote and it was instant :o i didn't know that this would be an instant restart
    and bas told me then that there are instant votes and that thing but he wont said it in a
    polite way just by the way..
    after that i asked in the chat wrather i can restart and splin and me said yes bas said no
    so 2:1 i restarted and bas skipped so its no restart i asked why he skipped..
    he said:"because I said no!" i asked if he know anything like democracy than he said something like a flame
    so i kicked him.
    the last days i played sometimes on the lol server and everytime when bas came on the server
    he kicked me instantly so we can't talk about anything. Today when he came on the server splin
    and me were driving and kicked him because of our childish "he kicked me so i kick him" thing
    and after a while we baned him because we didn't want to kick him all the time.. I don't know how long
    he will be banned but i know that an admin can unban him..
    For my side i can say
    "sorry bas, but democracy is democracy and i think in netherlands there is one.. so if there is 2:1
    the two peoples opinion is the choosen one"
    Ye sorry bas i hope we wont have to kick us all the time and can talk like adults and not childish like we do at this time.
    But i hope you can tell the truth and say that you flamed at me and skipped the res vote with 2:1