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    Hehe, then you need MSN or ICQ or give me a page where i can upload it ( i would like to send it) and aloooot of time, cause it's the complete Master Collection of CS5 and its about 9 GB...
    can you add me? (MSN: / ICQ: 434 528 400)

    Greets Safi

    thats my normal online time... evenings but not on Week ends. ;)

    btw i wanted to say, that i'm going to be away from my Computer this week end ( like every weekend) cause i'm @ my girlfriend.. but i think this was also mentioned on the Homepage, that you going to play only if you have time ;)

    (Yap i know Paljas, you want me to make some great Photos with my Fantasy-Pornografic-Material xD)

    ok i got it ;)
    But... fuck off Wow, it's one of this games you play a bit and then stop...
    Yep, but sry, i can't send you photografic material, it's still in work :P
    And before i give any other erotic informations or material, you have to invite me hahaha cause i dont send for everyone :P

    Ah i forgot... if you want material, you also will get Spam mails.... ;)

    So long Safi =)

    there may be a solution...
    1st: Are you administrator? xD thats the only thing i could imagine because it's not working...
    2nd: There is a possibility to create a virtual Running-System with XP oder windows 7, parallel to your Vista.. then you have a window where XP/7 is running and your normal Vista Desktop... ---> Run Ventrilo on your virtual XP/7, and it should work...

    2 is the only solution i know atm...
    hope this could help

    Greets Safi

    yep.. thats Vista.. sometimes it works and sometimes not...
    you have to get used to it >.<
    Sometimes, the system says: "No my dear user, i dont want that shit..."

    Sry, but i dont like Vista :P
    the best is good old XP^^

    Hmmm you use Windows? what Windows?
    I guess if you have Vista, i know why it does not work...
    check on google, if your System can work with Ventrilo.

    Greets Safi

    Hey Guys.
    You're funny =) Never heard about this Website :P
    But my Name's roots go to a book called Eragon (Fantasy)... his dragon's name is Saphira but this name was already tooked my another Player in KalOnline (MMORPG) so i changed it to Safiras and then i took this name everywhere :P

    Yep, i read the post you linked... I forgot to tell you: I play alot of games... but all games I play only for fun.
    -Battlefield 2142
    -WoW (on a privat Server for free up to lvl 1000 :P )
    -some Single Player like Oblivion, Assassins Creed I+II, Need for Speed, ...
    -and sometimes good old games like Counterstrike or Warcraft III and Age of Empires II ;)

    Sorry, but you have to accept my "erotic" name because i have this Nick about 4 Years now and i dont want to change it :P
    (But... i will not send you spam mails, i swear :D)

    Greets Safi

    Heyho Guys,

    My Name is Jannis, i'm 19 Years old and i come from germany.
    I played TMNF for about 2 Years and then stopped because of school (13th Class now and almost finished)
    Now i started again and your Server was still in my Favourites, cause i like your maps very much.

    hmmm...I like the idea of this Clan because i also dont have time everyday to race and i just want to race if i have time and if im interessted in ;)
    I think this should be all you need to know about me.. sry, i dont give my last name out directly ^^

    I hope i would fit into the DE-Clan and so... we'll see =)

    Ah.. i forgot to say: I'm playing most likely on your Speed Server... i think i have rank about 70 now.
    my TMNF Name is : safiras1337 and (if it matters..) I'm in the top 60k of all players... (it's not important i think ^^)

    Greets Jannis