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    Hi All and Ebulaar,

    Some breef answers: Yes No No YES YES YES Oh Oh Oh YEAH.
    Sorry there it was a slip of the di...
    Anyway yes very old about 38 and got a wife and a girfriend also got a daughter but she wont be going out until she reaches 30 So keep on dreaming.
    Been playing in no other clans yet but things might change depending on your approval GRIN.
    I am not so very fast but then it makes it easyer for you guy's to let me join knowing that i can not defeat ya yet! :-)
    Trying to be online as much as posible.
    Am a bit of a linux freak but know my way arount Windows also.
    My bank account start with a numer and yeah my pin also.
    Never teh les wen am i in? :-)

    Now Sucking up to the bos.
    Dear mister i like your clan very much and want to join please let me join please i wil even loose the first race for you...... What no sorry this is to much.

    Cheers Biertje


    I am verry old, No but wath the heck i can hack it or if not i will run away like a dog. :-)

    Also got ventrilo up but Mike is broken :-(

    Just say let get it on :-)


    Short Version:
    I wanna yoin.

    Long version:
    I am playing some Trackmania nations and at a point i came on the DE server.
    Played a lot there and met some Clan members like Brainz Bram Razor and so on.
    Tought i just might wanna join this clan.

    Play a lot TM and Quake3 also am a bit hooked on Games like Mohaa and Call of duty.
    Also last version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was good playing.

    So guys let me know and of course i wil be devistated if i am not alowed to join :-)

    Cheers _-XPERT-_