Safiras wants to join

  • Heyho Guys,

    My Name is Jannis, i'm 19 Years old and i come from germany.
    I played TMNF for about 2 Years and then stopped because of school (13th Class now and almost finished)
    Now i started again and your Server was still in my Favourites, cause i like your maps very much.

    hmmm...I like the idea of this Clan because i also dont have time everyday to race and i just want to race if i have time and if im interessted in ;)
    I think this should be all you need to know about me.. sry, i dont give my last name out directly ^^

    I hope i would fit into the DE-Clan and so... we'll see =)

    Ah.. i forgot to say: I'm playing most likely on your Speed Server... i think i have rank about 70 now.
    my TMNF Name is : safiras1337 and (if it matters..) I'm in the top 60k of all players... (it's not important i think ^^)

    Greets Jannis


    So it's about erotic homeparties. When Ebu decides to join in, I suppose a lot of people will be scratching their cavities the days after. So I guess you're kind of right on both accounts Brainzzz.

    But back on trail, have you checked out…rums&file=viewtopic&t=126 shaffierasta? Hop on comms from time to time to get to know us. Be warned, you may not like what you find... unless Ebu is out selling shoes of course.

  • Hey Guys.
    You're funny =) Never heard about this Website :P
    But my Name's roots go to a book called Eragon (Fantasy)... his dragon's name is Saphira but this name was already tooked my another Player in KalOnline (MMORPG) so i changed it to Safiras and then i took this name everywhere :P

    Yep, i read the post you linked... I forgot to tell you: I play alot of games... but all games I play only for fun.
    -Battlefield 2142
    -WoW (on a privat Server for free up to lvl 1000 :P )
    -some Single Player like Oblivion, Assassins Creed I+II, Need for Speed, ...
    -and sometimes good old games like Counterstrike or Warcraft III and Age of Empires II ;)

    Sorry, but you have to accept my "erotic" name because i have this Nick about 4 Years now and i dont want to change it :P
    (But... i will not send you spam mails, i swear :D)

    Greets Safi

  • I think you're getting the wrong idea about DE Safiras. I suppose the read this first thread is part to blame for this. You see, we are not really interested in what games you play, and mentioning WoW does not really make us favor you very much (nor does calling Counterstrike a good old game; considering the average age of DE, good old games are 4D Stunts, Paratrooper and Alley Cat). All we are interested in are (primarily female, and some male ones for TaSo and Casbuur) happy family member photo's taking showers etc. But I'm getting old and tired of asking this, since no one ever really posts them, and for some reason they still become member.

    Additionally, I notice you are trying to apologize for the erotic nature of your nickname. Well, considering the WoW private server geek stuff, the erotic name is probably the only reason that we are still considering to take you in. Erotic homeparties with fantasy theme, though, is a bit kinky, but since we like kinky, that's ok I guess. But on that part, we will need some photographic material.

  • ok i got it ;)
    But... fuck off Wow, it's one of this games you play a bit and then stop...
    Yep, but sry, i can't send you photografic material, it's still in work :P
    And before i give any other erotic informations or material, you have to invite me hahaha cause i dont send for everyone :P

    Ah i forgot... if you want material, you also will get Spam mails.... ;)

    So long Safi =)

  • thats my normal online time... evenings but not on Week ends. ;)

    btw i wanted to say, that i'm going to be away from my Computer this week end ( like every weekend) cause i'm @ my girlfriend.. but i think this was also mentioned on the Homepage, that you going to play only if you have time ;)

    (Yap i know Paljas, you want me to make some great Photos with my Fantasy-Pornografic-Material xD)

  • Quote from "brainzzz";p="21567"

    uh... I don't want erotic material of u (I know we have a few members who do like that shizzle)

    Brainzzz, are you ok man? You seem a little off there. Or is the wife reading your posts nowadays?

  • Quote from "Ebulaar";p="21584"

    there is a difference between: OF and english peecoat!

    Eep, you sadhorn (droeftoeter, dat verdient uitleg), there is also a difference between 'of' and 'off', moron. (:|