Thank You!

  • Thank you for let me join you, I appreciate it and will do my best to be one of the guys.. (spelled rigth?) :P No strings, no fun.. eh..! :@)

    The firm is relative new, only a year old and are named T&T Varetransport, sortet under main firm Arbor Vita AS who also have 15 eployees at Acer Computer as transportation, support, mailing and so on to do. But guys.. let's drive, not play, hehe!

    Cheers to u all and have a nice weekend :)

  • Enjoy Herskern. If you have any questions, just "fire" them on comms or on the forum.


  • Quote from "Paljas";p="20724"

    God helg

    Jo takk, det samme :P

  • welcome herskern!

    Vroeger wilde ik avontuur en spanning. Het avontuur is vervlogen maar de spanning is gebleven en daar slik ik nu pillen voor.