[DISCONTINUED] VentriloMix setup


    Our comms details

    We use Ventrilo 2.3 server:

    .d|E.Comms is a mix with ventrilo 2.3 3.0 and Teamspeak made by TaSo

    This requires .NET Framework 2.0
    When you don't have it installed, the install will download and install it for you.

    Setting up Ventrilo 2.3

    click on Ventrilo 2.3

    press on ->

    press on New

    Fill in here your name press ok when done
    Now go press on the arrow next to the Server

    press on New

    Fill in here a name for the server
    example DE or Digital Evolution

    Go to Hostname or IP and type de-gaming.com
    press OK when done
    Now it will take you to the next pic

    press on Connect

    As you can see you are connected
    press on Setup to selct your hotkey and finetune

    Activating your hotkey
    -select Use Push-To-Talk Hotkey
    -go to the box next to Hotkey and select yours

    Get rid of that annoying buzz
    -unselect Play Key Clicks

    Sometimes you can get better audio
    -go to Output Device and select your audiocard
    -go to Input Device and select your audiocard

    Hearing the others not well
    -go to inbound and put this higher

    Other complain about loud voice
    -go to outbound and put this lower
    -check also if u have your microphoneboost off