• Hi, Everybody

    My acount name is altastrike and i would like to join the DE Clan because i always play in the servers of DE. My Birthday is on 25 March and i've turned 22 this year. The Games i Play are COD MW, Battlefield 2142, Command and conquer 3 and Trackmania afcours. I am doing a study to become a Doctor (Chirurg). My Hobby's are playing PC Games and playing footbal (soccer). I use Ventrilo when i am playing games with my friends

    That's it

  • Hi

    Are you the one that asked how to join a clan today? Anyway, let's hear from yourself and talk to the others. If you read this, you can see our Ventrilo server address. And come a lot in our game servers.

    PS: maybe we become colleagues. I'm studying to become a nurse at HBO level. And some think I'm gay or a hacker (BIO!), but just don't take it serious.

  • Hi Altastrike!
    Tell us a little bit more m8!
    Where you come from?
    Show us some pics of your very-hot-good-looking-still-a-virgin-being-sister!! (For brainzzz: a "very-hot-and-allready-a-child-having-mother"-sister!!!)
    Maybe it's good to have someting like http://www.xnxx.com , http://www.lovefuckk.com , http://www.paradisenudes.com , or http://www.lovefuckk.com in your comment (Brainzzz will like it).
    Anyway: I guess Ebulaar will ask the rest :P
    You're welcome m8!